A Fitness System

+70% Exercisers Achieved Goals

+80% Member Retention

+35% Facility & Professional Increased Revenue

A Simple, Yet Powerful Concept:

Fitness technology enables exercisers to achieve results, increasing retention & revenue for facilities & professionals.

Why Your Fitness Business Needs Technology

When exercisers join a fitness center or start a training program they expect to achieve results.

Fitness facilities and professionals are often unable to meet exercisers expectations.
Failure to achieve expected results is why most exercisers do not continue training programs and/or stop going to a fitness center.

Technology provides fitness facilities and professionals an effective and affordable way to facilitate exercisers achieving expected results.

Fytns System

United Fytns System is a data–driven approach to determine the bundle of fitness technology best suited to the unique offering and brand of individual fitness facilities and professional services businesses.


A system is a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex whole. United Fytns is an Open System that most resembles the bounded Transformation Process, a black box that is a collection of processes that transforms inputs into outputs and uses a Feedback loop to self–correct and, eventually, self–regulate.

The System evaluates technology's contribution, individually and as a group, to exercisers achieving fitness results, measured both quantitatively & qualitatively, within a defined environment, and then translates the resulting values into retention rates and the lifetime value of the exercisers for fitness facilities & professional services businesses.

United Fytns Equation

The entire system is driven by the United Fytns Equation. Bundles of technology are selected by the System based on their ability to maximize both exerciser's results and retention for fitness facilities and professional services businesses.

Technology Will Improve the Performance of Your Fitness Business


United Fytns has been proven to deliver +80% member retention for facilities and professionals.


∽70% of exercisers who use fitness technology daily report having achieved their expected results.


United Fytns has been proven to increase revenue for facilities and professionals by ∽35%.

Fytns Solutions

United Fytns provides fitness facilities and professional services businesses with complete Technology Solutions that enable exercisers to achieve maximum results while yielding unprecedented retention levels, significantly increasing revenue and optimizing performance for fitness facilities & Professionals.


In a nine-month trial with leading fitness facilities United Fytns delivered +80% Member Retention and increased revenue by +35%.

Business Data

The first step in the process of creating a Technology Solution is to gather information to simulate your fitness business in the Fytns System:
1) Location: Geographic
2) Facility: Equipment & Programming
3) Member: Demo / Psycho-graphics

Select Tech

Select the facility type group and any tech that has been previously discussed or agreed to be included in the bundle.

Technology by Facility Type

Groups of fitness technology based on the equipment, classes and programming available at different types of facilities.




Fitness Centers

Solution Modeling

The business data gathered become processes in the Fytns System.

United Fytns System will select technology from Fytns Partners, including the selected tech, and compare thousands of configurations, testing against the Fytns Equation, in the process of determining the bundle of technology best suited for a specific fitness facility or professional services business.

The output is a bundle of technology for 'Studio X' that will enable its exercisers to achieve maximum results while yielding unprecedented retention levels, significantly increasing revenue and optimizing performance for fitness facilities & Professionals.

Fytns Benefits

United Fytns creates complete Technology Solutions, best suited to each business's unique offerings and brand, that enable exercisers to achieve maximum results while yielding unprecedented retention rates and significantly increased revenue for fitness facilities and professionals integrated with Fytns SGHR, the most comprehensive, powerful and effective combination of social, game, habits and rewards features.


Complete technology systems enhance the unique offering of your facilities, differentiates your brand, yields unprecedented retention rates and significantly increases revenue.


Exercise and nutrition plans designed around individual goals, the ability to track progress, along with a group of people to support their achievements in fun and challenging ways.


Complete Technology Systems that enable personal trainers & nutritionists to provide more effective services, to a much larger number of clients and earn a lot more money.

Fytns Advisors is the executional organization for United Fytns.

Fytns Advisors is lead by Jonathan Miller, the creator of United Fytns, and a team of experienced leaders from the fitness and technology industries.

Fytns Advisors curates and maintains Fytns Partners.

The Fytns Advisors team has developed proprietary, data–driven, processes to compliment United Fytns.

Fytns Advisors provides implementation, support and maintenance for United Fytns along with other services that accelerate the growth of fitness facilities and professionals that use United Fytns.

Fytns Advisors offers a Free Basic Plan to all fitness facilities and professionals.

Get Started with United Fytns and Fytns Advisors now.